About Us

Beacon Power, Inc. is a product design, development, importing, warehousing and distribution company of select consumer products, having strategic relationships with several high performing Chinese manufacturing companies including NIngbo Agsun Feixiang Gas Products, Inc.

Our company is now supplying key retailers in the Mass Market, Clubs, Hardware/Home Center, Lawn and Garden, Specialty, Grocery and Drug categories as well as select OEM friends.  Product groups include:  Utility and BBQ/Grill Lighters, Candle Lighters, Candle Snuffers, and Candle Lighter/Snuffer Sets of high design quality suitable for the Gift/Decorative Accessory market as well as candle departments in all type of retailers, Cigarette Lighters, Batteries, and now Outdoor Lighting.

Other products on the drawing board include Barbecue Grills, Hearth products and other Outdoor Lighting/Living accessories.   Design, Style, Quality and Value are considered essential elements of any product we bring to market.  Beacon Power products are also designed and engineered to high quality/safety standards, meeting or exceeding all required certification and testing agency requirements. The company has been rapidly growing in business volume since start-up in 2001.  Offices and warehouses are located in Bell, California.