Moral, principled behavior toward our customers, suppliers, consumers and employees is a fundamental value for Beacon Power.  Accordingly, we have maintained a dedication to protecting the environment and to securing the health and safety of our employees and consumers.  Our efforts focus on working together with our employees, suppliers, customers and consumers to evaluate and address the effects of our products and operations on the environment and on the health and safety of our employees and consumers.  Here are the components of our policy:

Quality Assurance

All Beacon Power products are subject to a rigorous quality assurance process which includes qualitative analyses, quality control, independent testing and approval, and product warranty. 

Health and Safety

All Beacon Power facilities are operated and maintained to minimize risks to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and surrounding communities.


Beacon Power meticulously works to comply with all pertinent safety, environmental and product related regulations, including applicable voluntary standards and rules.  Participation in multi-interest standards development bodies, such as ASTM, ANSI and ISO are included in this effort.

Social Responsibility

Full and complete conformity with applicable labor, wage and hour and health and safety laws and regulations are fundamental for operations of Beacon Power.  Third party social compliance audits reinforce this commitment.


Beacon Power seeks to ascertain and assess the environmental impacts of our operations, and to take appropriate actions to minimize these impacts.  This includes pollution prevention measures and actions to improve sustainability, such as limiting consumption of natural resources and the introduction of recycled and renewable materials.


Maintaining the involvement and commitment of our employees and representatives to our Corporate Citizenship Policy is a key component of the success of Beacon Power.